Our services

We are a Christian-owned small dry cleaning & laundry pickup & dropoff location that truly has your concerns and interests in mind. Quality garment care and friendly, customer-focused service is at the top of our list of priorities.

We use only eco-friendly spotting and dry cleaning agents and are experienced with all types of natural and man-made fabrics, and garment styles from military and police uniforms to businesswear and casual everyday clothing.

We can clean and press household items, too, such as curtains and drapes, comforters and blankets, sofa covers and cushions, and up to rugged outdoor items such as ski outfits, water-resistant canvas tents, sleeping bags, motorcycle and car covers, etc.

We also have one of the absolute best stain removal experts ready for any challenge you want to give him.

We can alter and clean men’s tuxedos, as well as clean and preserve the most elaborate wedding gowns.

Got a leather, suede or other exotic animal skin garment that you need cleaned? We do that, too, including sheepskin coats and seat covers.

We have a rug cleaning expert, too, that can handle even the most ground-in, stained, fur-covered, high-piled rugs, of any size, shape or thickness, from the normal rug to the more expensive hand-woven Persian or Oriental rug with natural dyes (more apt to bleed or fade, unlike the colorfast dyes), using either a computer-controlled wet clean system or a dry chemical technique, or even hand-cleaning.

Need home pickup & delivery? Yep, we can do that, too. Just give us a call and tell us what you need. We’ll collect your name, address and a payment method for our files, and, as soon as you select which days you would prefer for pickup & delivery, you’re all set.