We are now closed.

South Simms Street Dry Cleaner is now closed.
I worked very hard to build up the business by treating my customers the way I would want to be treated.
My Littleton dry cleaner shop is now empty, but fond memories of helping and chatting it up with my customers will be with me for many years to come.

My wife and I have retired to a life as fulltime RVers. We will be traveling North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) in our 33ft motorhome. As much as we enjoyed our daily interactions with customers over the years and bringing our best for them in service and quality, our lease was ending at the end of October (2019) and my wife’s medical issues were getting worse by the day.

This was taken Christmas 2018, before she was diagnosed.

As some already know, my wife was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that has rapidly progressed and spread over most of her body, causing her pain and discomfort. The doctors were only able to offer medications to manage her pain — nothing to combat the disease, unfortunately. Therefore, it was an easy decision for us to walk away from the business and pursue our dream of RVing across the country — a dream we have had since we first met 12 years ago — and begin making memories sooner rather than later, while her health has not become not worse. We are hopeful and praying for her recovery, believing that a change may be good for her and me.

Thankfully, this is NOT our motorhome. We saw this beauty in the Home Depot parking lot. Somebody drove this from California to Colorado.

So, to all of my customers over the years, we wish to thank you for your loyalty and patronage, as well as the laughs, relationships and memories. We wish the very best for you and your families in the upcoming year and beyond.

Our actual motorhome which we plan to travel North America in together.

I stopped taking in customer dropoffs two weeks before closing in order to give customers the best chance to pickup their orders before closing day. My wife and I had been calling customers to pick up their orders since September, up to the very last day of our lease.

This is the view I had each day when I greeted my customers. I miss running the shop and chatting with my customers.

For those customers who were unable to pick up their clothing before we closed, you will find your items at Chelsea Cleaners @ Kipling & Belleview. You will need your original pickup ticket, or you can give them your name and tell them you were one of my customers from South Simms. If you have a balance owed on your ticket, you can pay Chelsea Cleaners at the time of pickup.

Chelsea Cleaners @ Kipling & Belleview, near Safeway & Dairy Queen

Thank you and God bless.

Daryl & Norma at our dry cleaner shop in Littleton. Happy memories.